Friday, June 15, 2012

Sewing, Cooking and Eating

As soon as I finished typing and posting yesterday's blog I got busy and made a little


                        watermelon to go in the watermelon pocket of one of Violet's summer frocks.  Sometimes I am so brain dead that it takes massive amounts of my time to figure out how to make such a simple thing.  I was not so yesterday when I figured out how to add the rind to the watermelon flesh without top stitching or fusing.  What normally would have taken me an hour or so was done in a few minutes.  I wish I could can whatever it is that works when my brain is spot on.  I would need an electric can opener!!!

I was wasting time waiting for my computer to catch up to me when I went on Pinterest and got on my friend Kathy's boards and saw this very unique way to cook shrimp and because I was making shrimp pesto for G and his brother for dinner, I decided to try it.  This is the finished product.  You melt butter on a sheet pan in a 350º oven.  Oh, I lined the sheet pan with foil.  The original directions called for a stick of butter but I felt that was overkill and so I used a third of a stick.  Top the melted butter with slices of lemon and place your raw cleaned and deveined shrimp on top.  The recipe called for a italian seasoning (in a shaker bottle or maybe good seasons salad dressing mix?  do they still have that?)  to sprinkle on top of the shrimp.  I decided to be a renegade and I used Hidden Valley Ranch dry mix.  The shrimp cooked for about 10 minutes and was done.  It was fantastic tasting and no clean up at all.  The reason why the butter amount doesn't really matter is that for most of the shrimp, the lemon was the base and after taste testing several pieces, I couldn't tell what one was on butter and what was on lemon.  So, in that case, less calories always wins for me!!!

While the guys were tasting the shrimp pesto, I joined up for a get together with 
a couple gal pals, Ellie and June.  I wasn't as cool as they were, having arrived in a plain ole' car.  They had another mode of transportation.  Show offs!!!


Karen said...

The watermelon outfit is absolutely adorable as is the 4th of July ensemble. That shrimp recipe sounds awfully good and unbelieveably easy. Yum-o

Miracles said...

Adorable watermelon dress and love the slice of watermelon idea.