Friday, June 01, 2012

Sports Ill Ready

The weather is insane!!! It was in the high nineties last Sunday and Monday and Today it is grey and in the 40's.
I was almost too hot for Violet to go swimming and we waited until late in the day.  At first she just walks around the pool, not really knowing what it was.
She tested the water.  It was like bath water.  She would not go in without her mother.  When Mom was suitably attired she plopped in the pool and Violet soon joined her.
This is one of her poses where she looks like she's playing football or ready to pin some wrestler to the mat.
I believe in the picture she is looking at grandpa and acting like she is listening to him.  I have been teaching her this fine art.
Maria gets some of the hair out of V's eyes and considers blowing her nose, Violets that is.
Back inside, with squirt gun at the ready and her fashionable coverup on,  she scoots down two stairs we have leading from the dining room to the living room, ready to make mischief.

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Miracles said...

I like how her bathing suit matches her pool.