Friday, June 08, 2012

Stuff For The 60+

My bags are packed for a weekend trip. I did it first thing so I wouldn't have to go back to it. G and I are heading into the bowels of Minnesota for a wedding. The wedding is tomorrow but we can't see driving for ten hours and then getting dressed for a gala. I need time to
ferment.   This darling little suitcase was part of my birthday present for my 60th birthday bash from Micky.  This weekend trip is the perfect length of a trip for this size case.  She knows I'm a sucker for the dots!

I was very productive yesterday with the things that I put off and off and off.  First up I went and got my shingles vaccine.  I realized that I can't remember if I had chicken pox.  I learned that shingles and the chicken virus are the same.  In fact, I know that Maggie did but I am not sure Peter did.  What a bad mother I am.

That is, a bad mother that probably won't be whining about yet another thing.  I did it for those around me that can't take another ailment!!!  Oh yeah, and the pain.

I then headed over to the social security office.  I checked in on a computer and waited for a an hour plus, to find out that I had to make an appointment.  Nice.  I also got reprimanded by the cop that is some sort of guard when he told me to take my foot off the chair.  I explained that the seat depth was so long that I couldn't touch the back of the chair and my back was hurting.  He said to stand then, people sit on those chairs.  Really, the cheapest black plastic
chairs sized for Shaquille O'Neal?  So, instead I put my foot up on my jeans leg.  It seemed to do the trick and I managed to save a little face.  I have an appointment on Monday.  I have to take my drivers license, my social security card, my birth certificate (which doesn't make sense, because you need it to get the social security card in the first place!) and my marriage license. I have them at the ready before I forget what she told me to bring.

I also joined a new library; the county one rather than the city one.  I did it so I could take a class on eBooks.  Even with all the wonderful help from Cindra, I still need someone right in my face to show me what to do.

It's supposed to be a very hot weekend.  Even in Minnesota it's supposed to be in the 90's.
We are heading out soon.  Have a grand weekend.


Cindra said...

Tommy, if I could I would come up and give you a personalized class! I do them all the time at our library. Have a good weekend.

Miracles said...

Adorable fun bag! Have fun. Well, you finally got around to Social Security Office to sign up for your mega check! Have fun at wedding.

Miracles said...

Come back's Monday morning and you have blogging to do. By 8:30 this morning I washed coffee cups, made beds, checked email and Facebook, cut layers upon layers of fabric, made a simple syrup to soak the 15 mangoes I peeled, pitted and sliced for freezing. Hop to it're slacking! Hubby gave me a compliment this morning. Upon seeing all I did he said, "L
ook at all you've done by 8:30, Little Tommy!"