Friday, June 22, 2012


I have started a new quilt series at the request of my daughter for something to put up on the wall of her guest room. I am not one of those artists that will not make something to 'match the sofa'. I am actually pretty matchy matchy, which I try to stray away from, but it's kinda in there pretty permanent. This is what I started with, using the color scheme of light blue and copper.  All of a sudden I realized that this is not the kind of thing that she and her husband would like. I fully intend to finish it, but not for the same reason. I am now back to the drawing board and have come up with an idea that will be a good fit. I will photo through the process and share it with you.

The deck basil is doing well.  I water each one of these pots a half gallon of water a day and they rarely drain through and out the bottom.  It has been very hot and I am quite surprised that they are doing so well.  I am hoping that it will be big enough in a couple weeks to harvest and make pesto so I can replant for another crop.  I am just about out of frozen pesto!

This was last nights sunset.  It looks darker than it appeared to me when I took the picture at 8:23, dst.  I wanted to take one on summer solstice but wasn't home for that one.  Micky has been sending me sunset pictures wherever she is; right now, she's in Florida.  Busy girl!

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