Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Travel

Of everything I witnessed on the road trip to Minnesota, this entry sign on our hotel entrance door is what carried me through the entire weekend with the notion that I NEVER want to live here.

Okay, granted, we weren't staying at the Ritz, but still.  And the thing about it is, the suburbs of Minneapolis are lovely.  They all look like they just sprouted up out of the ground overnight, all neat and clean and stocked with my loves, JoAnns, Micheals, Hobby Lobby, Dunkin Donuts, Target, you get the picture.  I am a bit confused about the state in general and the weather goes from extreme to extreme.  It was 95ยบ on Saturday.

Let me get back to why were in Minnesota to begin with.  Paige and David's wedding was a lovely sight to behold.  These young people move so fast it's hard to get them on camera.  I am quite good at objects that don't move tho'.
Case in point?  The boutonniere was very different and up close I just loved them.  If I had them in my wedding (or next wedding) I would have the background a little lighter in color so that I could make them out from even close up, say ten feet, which you couldn't on these dark lapels.  Hey, they should have asked me!!!  I critique for a living (very low pay tho').

I liked the centerpieces.  They were all similar but different on each table.  The reception was on a lakefront of one of the ten million Minnesota lakes.  It was a lovely view.

The cake?  It's claim to fame is that each layer is different; one chocolate, one white, one red velvet, one banana and one carrot.  Oh, and I liked the ruched table linens under the cake.

Car travel?  Superior over driving the two hours to the airport three hours early, only to hurry up and wait.  We figured that doing the airport time travel would tack on at least an hour (oh, the rental car too) to the total drive from door to door.  And anyway, doesn't everyone want to hear Maroon 5 once an hour singing at least three different songs on satellite radio?

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