Monday, July 09, 2012

Another Dog Day

Sometimes I think I am cursed. Since getting xfinity, I spend at least an hour a day closing down and rebooting. I can get this verified by G and my sister. It's rediculous and sometimes (like yesterday) I just walk away. This morning it's only taken a little over 45 minutes for the little colored prism to stop spinning around long enough to force quit the machine. I know, baby steps. Yesterday was a very good day as it was the first day in many that we could open a door and not have the hair on our arms burn off. Today is only gonna be in the high eighties but then the stagnant heat is coming back. It's funny, because even Bella
has no desire to run on the beach or pretty much go outside at all.  I have a constant companion.  A couch potato.

I had a scrap quilt that I quilted on the long arm that had bad tension and the back was all screwed up.  It was not acceptable to keep as is and my sis suggested just donating it to Goodwill but I was bull headed and said that I was gonna remove all the stitching (queen sized) and that's just what I did.  I finished mid day on Saturday after a good ten hours on my butt.  I got to catch up on Breaking Bad (the fifth season starts next Sunday) and twelve Jeopardy's on the DVR.  I also finished the hand sewn eyes on the thirty dogs for the
raffle quilt for the humane society.   If you can see closely, the top right corners of the block have been added onto.  Out of the thirty blocks, I managed to sew down the corner onto the back of the appliqu├ęd eye on more than ten percent.  The noses are first fused down and then machine stitched down when I did the mouth.  I have about four done so I am guessing that I know what I will be doing today.  

Gordon had a bad tooth for several days and ended up at an oral surgeon on Saturday.  It took chipping and cracking and whatever else they do to remove a tooth (his first) and believe it or not, he never felt any pain after.  He didn't like the residual numbing subsiding (the talking like you have marbles in your mouth) but no pain or throbbing after?  Wow, my mouth hurt just thinking about it.  He now has to have a bone graft and an implant.  I think I will go and brush my teeth.

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Miracles said...

'OUCH' for Gordon, even if he didn't feel pain!
I'm glad you blogged today. It took a few hours to appear.