Friday, July 13, 2012

Back To School

Our two day class on the long arm was priceless. Even after the first few hours before lunch the first day we were amazed at how much we learned.
Now- retaining? Time will tell. But I feel wonderful about the experience.   

My camera was
on the table and the instructor, Sue, snapped a couple pictures.  This one is of my sis and me.  When I got home and downloaded the pictures I went to G and said, I can't believe how YELLOW my hair is.  After much discussion we decided it was a combo of the flash on the camera and the flourescent lights that made it look that way.  I even took a trip into the powder room to see and sure enough, it was still mostly silver with a touch of blonde.

These are three of the other four that took the class with us.  One was a husband and wife team and the other two gals were pals that lived pretty close to the class.

You know how I like to take useless pictures.  This is a tennis racquet looking bug zapper.  The class room is very large and there is a loading dock that is always open when they are (maybe not in the winter; I just don't know) and eventually flies and other flying critter come in and 'bug' the employees by buzzing around their heads.  This contraption, which is battery operated, kills them if they are anywhere in range.  It really works.
There were tons of quilts all over the place, but the only one that really grabbed my eye was this bargello one.  It is made up of many many different fabrics.  It was overhead where I sat most of the time so I got to look at it a lot.

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Now you can show me what you've learned in school