Sunday, July 22, 2012

Did You Know That There Are Swim Diapers?

On the beach before nine a.m. only seemed a little later in the day. With all the sand and water toys you can imagine, Violet chose grandpa's empty to-go paper coffee container to be her best friend.  I had a sinking feeling that she was following in her parents footsteps and trying out for a part of one of the Supremes,
what with all the 'stop, in the name of love' gestures, along

with some shoulder scrugs

and other 'Stop' Temptationmoves.  It's funny with these kids; every time you see them they have new pet habits.  Completely separate from last weekend, this weekend she is walking backwards in little spurts and going into the screened in porch and stomping her feet, like she is in a marching band.  
And I discovered that next best babysitter to Sesame Street is a long empty beach with soft sand.  It took her about ten minutes to get this far!!!!  And it's very difficult to get into mischief or get hurt this way.  She's a beach babe.


Anonymous said...

You've got the best backyard for her for years to come! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Ah!! grandbabies xoxoxo

Miracles said...

That's funny....VJ has the old Motown dance moves!

Synthia said...

She is sooooo adorable!!! Lucky you.