Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dog Day

I decided I wanted to try my paper piecing skills because I haven't done it in forever. In stead of the regular queen sized scrap quilt I donate for a raffle for the humane societies fall fund raiser each year, I thought I might just change it up and see if that gets them more moula.  I chose a dog head

I found online just by googling dog paper pieced pattern.  I had my sis blow it up to fit on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 vellum so I could see through it.  I completed 30 heads this weekend.  
The dog head itself is all variations of dog color solids and the ears are all different prints.  They are all framed with the same burgundy color.  They certainly don't  look like much dog heads without their eyes and nose.
I decided to do them by hand.  I cut out 3/4" circles (I used a paper punch) out of freezer paper and ironed it on black fabric.  I cut the fabric to an eighth of an inch and then I will sew a running stitch around the black fabric and draw it tight around the freezer paper and tie in a  knot.  That one sole tiny circle on the right is one I have completed.  I need some night time and travel busy work.  This fits the bill completely.  

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