Thursday, July 05, 2012


In the course of six hours (not taking into account that there was a nap involved)
Miss Violet managed to strut her stuff in various outfits.  I noticed that looking at the pictures
I took, that there are not the standard posed pics I used to get when she was less mobile but
rather with the onset of walking and now running (oh, and here, opening the door with keys)
lots of the pics are action shots, which means I have to change the camera settings from portrait to kid gone crazy.  Hey, no complaints.  She kisses me now and can 'hi five'.  Bella can't even do that!!!

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Miracles said...

I can't get over how she has grown....all those action shots!! I'm loving the activity board in the background with latches, switches, levers, etc. Who made that? That is a great idea.