Friday, July 06, 2012

Half Baked

Beside being one of the hottest holidays I have ever had, the 4th of July was al
so Violet's exact half birthday.  It's pretty cool to be born on January 4th because if you have grandparents that winter in the south, getting out of the Chicago land area in December is pretty much up there in importance and with such a convenient family day already in place, the half birthday fits well.  Plus, V gets double gifts!!!!  If she were older she would have thought it out herself.

When I asked my Maggie what she wanted me to bring for the meal she said I could bring the cake, but she specifically asked for a 'half cake'.  How clever my girl is!!!!  So, always doing what I am told, I
supplied a half cake for Violet (the signage couldn't bear the heat, or maybe I made it too thin!;  oh yeah, marble cake) and 

Violet likes to really get into what she is does.  For some reason, she likes her feet up on the table.  
half a cake for the adults (the pistachio one).  
I even went so far as to whittle down a candle to replicate 1/2.  I have way too much free time!!
This busy board (my own name for it) was almost completely done by Grandpa G.  Well, he bought the board, painted it and purchased all the 'stuff' that moves and clicks.  He then put it all in his car and had the guy at work that can do anything, put it all together.  I got the idea off of Pinterest.  We took it to the 1/2 birthday party but decided to bring it back home to keep for Violets visits.  A girl can only have so much STUFF, right?
V had lots of help moving and spinning and clicking; Mom was on hand as well as Bella.  I don't think the dog was much help though!


Miracles said...

Great idea on the activity boad. Looks like mom was entertained as well.

Miracles said...

Oops...that would be...'board'. Also, I like the half cake for a half birthday.