Monday, July 02, 2012

It's A Bird!

Did you know that there is a hawk in England that keeps the skies over Wimbledon clear from pigeons and any other birds that could become a nuisance during matches? Well, there is and his name is Rufus and he was stolen along with his cage on Wimbledon property last week. This hawk has a twitter handle if you are so inclined. @RufusTheHawk and he has more than 500 followers. Am I that old that I think this is nuts? Not the whole bird thing; I find it amazing that they can train a bird to do that. It's the fact that he has a twitter anything. What's a handle?

This is the pattern for a quilt that my sis started a couple weeks ago.
I like the name; 'gumdrop mountain'.  This is the finished
quilt top she completed this weekend.  I like her color choices better than the brights on the pattern cover and that's saying a lot because I usually always go for the pop but there is something very subtly eye grabbing in this choice of colors.  Actually she finished this and started another one.  She's a machine!!!


Anonymous said...

I really like her color choices too!..but then again, I could be labeled as bland?

Miracles said...

Mike and Tom ....a sewing force to be reckoned with!!!

dee said...

Very nice!
I wonder how those blocks would look on point?