Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keeping The Calendar

I downloaded this picture of the dog heads and then I cropped it but didn't close the photo application
and so in this picture it is exactly as I took the picture and the following one is

after I cropped the background out.  I find it much easier to view without all the distractions.  I put them up this way to decide what to do with the negative space between the blocks to make the quilt much larger.  At first I was going to do flying geese or a nine patch or a snowball block in between but after these were up I thought that would be too busy.  As  I was looking at it I decided to frame the blocks first with a solid color and then continue to reframe or border to get the size I want.

I noticed yesterday that lots of stuff I have on my calendar, never actually made it to my calendar.   The two biggies are that  I have a Carol Soderlund class at Nancy Crow's in August that  is six days that I neglected to type in.  I have my flight for the International Quilt Festival  in Houston in November that I never registered down.  Now I have double things on my calendar that I will have to rectify.

Tomorrow and Thursday I have a class in Wisconsin that I am attending with my sister.  We have decided to drive separately, seeing as how we live in different states.  I will have to leave the house at 5:30 a.m. to make the class start of 9 a.m.  We are staying overnight there and then will head home Thursday night after the 5 p.m. class ending.  I  am already dreading the drive.  I need to get to the library for a good book on CD for the ride.

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Miracles said...

Great work on the Dog quilt. Don't make anymore plans for wintertime. I have a bunch recipes for us to work on together and several projects to tackle.