Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Learning Curve

It is truly amazing how much my sis and I learned at our two day class.
 Mike had a few quilts in the queue to do but like me, put it off due to lack of confidence as to how to do them on the long arm.
I was a pro until I got the 'car' (computer guided machine) and then it was like going from an automatic to being thrown behind the wheel of a stick shift (in a foreign country).
Mike chose the same design that I used for one of my quilts.  She made it much smaller and closer together.  It turned out perfectly.  She is donating this for a charity raffle.
Next up, Mike decided to quilt this top for her daughter's August birthday.  She chose an all over
leaf design.  She was giddy with excitement that they both turned out so well

I, on the other hand was busy with a couple other things.  
Guiding Violet (3/4ths of the
pictures I take of her have her eyes closed; she must close them when she smiles) with her very first sewing machine was top priority and

getting some binding on some baby quilts to run over to the hospital kept me busy.  As a matter of fact, I have Violet belted in a chair on wheels and after breakfast a couple minutes ago, I just wheeled her to my desk
and with a wet hair brush we tamed her bed head and buckled down to our computers, respectively.  It took me a little time but I figured out how to incorporate Violet into my days with both of us having some of our own time.  We are a good team.


Irene said...

Mike's quilts look great! I'm not sure if this will work with Violet or not, but a professional photographer at a wedding we were at recently took a group shot and told us all to close our eyes, then open them when he said smile. It worked, there wasn't a closed eye in the picture. It's worth a try!

Miracles said...

OMGoodness.....Violet's become a mini Tommy. She's got her sewing machine and computer at the ready to begin the day. Now, about that little cookware set......