Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mike Will Like This

This is a very colorful blog.  I wanted to share with you the wonderful spread my daughter

and her husband made for us on a moment's notice.  I mentioned that I had frozen fish and maybe fish tacos would be good for dinner and voila!  I needn't not have said another word.  First up is a grape and cilantro salsa, 
with some red cabbage thrown in for good measure.
They made a roasted corn, black bean and tomato salsa
to enjoy with wonderfully grilled tortillas.
Mango salsa was made as was
pickled onions, 
that shared the table with Caique Queso Fresco (said very fast like Aaron Sanchez),
guacomale , extra cilantro and lime and an aioli,
along with the grilled fish.
It was like being in Cabo without the movie stars.  Better yet.


Anonymous said...

I was there...It was delicious and Mike did like it very much. Thank you Maggie & Evan.
Aunt Mike

Robbie said...

Like daughter! A compliment to you!!

Gayle from MI said...

Oh my! At a moments notice no less. She does take after you. Or maybe it's Evan?

Miracles said...

Holy Cannoli....that's lots of food for an impromptu meal

dee said...

OMG I'm so freakin' hungry now.....