Sunday, July 29, 2012


No blog yesterday due such a slow computer and with no patience. I was about to walk away this morning but instead decided to go and get my knitting and wait it out. That is just what I did.
Bright and early Friday, in time for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, my sis and I devised a lever/ weight assembly to proudly display the Olympic hula hoops that were gifted to me from my friend Nancy.  We used our scientific and calculating brains and came up with wrapping sodder wire around the two by four that actually holds the hula hoops and having a long trail that connects around
a creek rock that we carefully moved into position on the opposite side of my front wall.  It did not work the first time.  We used string and picture hanging wire and when tossed over the wall, just sunk in the ground cover.  It the drizzling rain (very welcome and therefore pleasant).  We neglected to remove the string on the rocks
because it kinda was a badge of honor, knowing that we farted the morning away just trying to hoist hula hoops up on a wall and having our efforts work in the end.  They are still in place, and will remain there until after the closing ceremony, that is, unless mother nature has something different to say about that.
The sweat shop has been temporarily shut down for much needed sleep but soon we girls will once again be at it.  We have had a good and productive weekend.  It's great to have a girls weekend; especially now that we are all grandmas (three of us in the last year and a half!).  That's a lot of new stuff to chew over.  I hear noise.  We will be at it once again, as soon as everyone has their coffee.


Diane Perin Hock said...

I love love love your Olympic hula hoops! What a brilliant idea! I will look forward to seeing the olympian sewing that gets done in he sweat shop!

Miracles said...

I miss you and your never-ending creative projects. Let's talk Halloween.....masquerade party??

spikemuffin said...

Appreciate the first sentence. Time to shop for new unit. Only question, Costco or Fry's?