Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty In Pink

There was no blogging yesterday. G left for golf and is par for a golf widow, he returned six hours later. That means, can you keep an eye on her? doesn't happen when Violet is in the  
house.  No complaints on this end tho'.  She does like to spend a moment or two in the dog bed but I can't predict these quiet times.  Maybe I will be more practiced with her rhythm when she returns this next weekend, when she will be with us for five days, giving her parents a much needed 5th anniversary getaway.

Gore was just saying how his calves were killing him from pushing V up the hills in the stroller when we took her and Bella on the third walk of the day.  Does he think we live on Pikes Peak?

Tomorrow is the notification of the group quilt getting in Houston.  I just saw it on my calendar.  I am pretty sure we will get in.  Finger's crossed.


Robbie said...

I forgot what those days were like watching little ones! Our youngest are now 8 & 12 and don't even lie in the dog bed anymore!
But...keep in mind you don't want them overnight during school year! We can't do the math they do!! No help from this grandma!

Miracles said...

Is that a baby monitor in her hand?