Sunday, July 01, 2012


Yesterday was a scorcher. We went to a fashion show for a new store that opened and the starting time was 5 p.m. It was held in an asphalt paved parking lot next to the store. I was only going because I know both gals that own the trendy little shop plus lots of the models, all being local beauties (you like that, don't you!!!) At 6 p.m. my sis and I just snuck out of our seats, with not one girl as yet walking the catwalk. We got away undetected. I heard later that all the makeup was dripping off the gals!!

While we were working on quilts yesterday, watching the Food Network, we started to talk about our favorite childhood meals.  One of Mike's were creamed dried beef (shit on a shingle is what they called it in the army when G was a infantry man).  I told her I have never made it but how tough could it be?
First I just made a white sauce (flour and butter roux) and added milk, s & p, and nutmeg. When it was to the right consistency
I added the cut up Buddig corned beef.  I put Mike
on task for the toast points while I finished up the pan
with frozen peas.  Voila!!!!
Just like Mom used to make.  I made enough for Mike to have later this week for dinner and or lunch.  Try this old retro meal.  It will bring back kid memories!!!


Anonymous said...

I haven't had that is YEARS and it sure looks good! I also used to make it with a can of tuna instead of the beef. Cheap and good!

Gayle from MI said...

You were lucky. My mom made it with cream of celery soup. Yuck! Your way might actually be edible. My dad would NEVER eat it claiming he had eaten enough shit on a shingle when he was in the Navy to gag a horse.

Anonymous said...

I always used the Buddig BEEF packages, not corned beef; wonder if there is truly a difference in flavor.

Robbie said...

I haven't heard of SOS in SO LONG!! Still...I won't try it! Heck, being raised on a farm I still can't eat meat without thinking about Moo Moo!!! Looks easy!

dee said...

My late Father-in-law loved SOS. Even having eaten it endlessly in the Army.
About once a year Mom would make it for him. Yours looks good. Mom's was reason for being busy elsewhere that night.
Hope it cools off for you-it's scorching here. The upside is that the construction workers are shedding shirts....WooHoo!!!

spikemuffin said...

Yours looks better than the SOS they served on Guam but even that had to be better than the Army's. They had the worst chow in the service!