Monday, July 30, 2012

Some Weekend Fun

This is just a sampling of what went on here in the studio this weekend.
Anne made this adorable baby quilt with fussy cut baby heads and alternating nine patch.  She also worked for a full day and a half on a new quilt that has many many little pieces and the pattern called for all the seams to be ironed open, which is not the norm.  Usually they are ironed to one side.
Mike made this delightful quilt top.  It will be bound in the solid purple after it is quilted.  She also did some knitting and finished the binding on one of the quilts we  quilted last week.
Speaking of knitting, I finished the sweater for my two month old niece.  I no longer make the six month size because there is so little time for the wee ones to wear them.  And to think I made premie sweaters for my three little nieces.  They probably never even had them on.  We learn by our mistakes and I have resolved to make nothing knitted under one year size. That way they can wear it a little big, making yet another fashion statement.  

I put the backing and the hanging sleeve on the group quilt.  It was no quick thing like I thought it would be.  I was very happy to have other quilters around when I did it because I had issues.  I also made the prototype for this years Christmas pillow and finished the binding on a scrap quilt I quilted a couple weeks ago.
Peggy did some knitting, some piecing of a scrap quilt and half of this quilt.  It is made up of 1 1/2" strips and squares so the blocks are pretty small, adding to their fun.  

Jean Ann, the other gal in our group, couldn't make it at the last minute, which almost never happens.  We missed her and her chicken salad.  

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