Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Gatherer

Violet was delivered safe and sound yesterday afternoon by her Aunt Maggie and Uncle Evan. The way these young folk have to put the carseats so that the kid faces the back of the back seat, therefore not being able to see anyone or anything just seems wrong to me. By my own accounts and those of others, Violet has taken up singing to pass the time away in the car.

First up when she arrives?  Oh, that is, after changing a diaper that weighs at least 15 lbs.  (I seem to have left out part of that sentence.)  Violet goes around the house gathering all things electronic.  She finds it hard to hold everything at once
so she eventually makes a pile of phones and clickers and iPods.  Her personal favorite is the remote control on the Bose system that the iPod sits in.  She walks around the house mumbling into the air with the control up to her ear, all the time being very animate.   It's hard not to watch her.


Miracles said...

So now you know what to get her for Christmas.....lots of techie stuff. Love the outfit grandma!

spikemuffin said...

Safe and sound and fully loaded!