Monday, July 23, 2012

Thoughtful Friends

I haven't downloaded the thousands of pictures I took yesterday of our lass so I am gonna show you something that has already been downloaded.

This is a sketch book with a hand made cover that I received in the mail from my friend Gayle, who lives in Michigan.  It was made for me as you can see by the hand dyed fabric and the circles.  It is the big black covered sketch book size.  It has embroidery
on the front that she said reminded her of a pig, one of my favorite things.  It also has a pen slot on the left, with a pen included.  Gayle assured me that she stole the pen from the bank.  Phew!
Inside the book cover is a little pocket  for me to put Gayles photo and I will do that soon.
The back inside cover has a place to keep loose papers.
The back cover is so cute that I just want to keep staring at it.  Is this  not sweet or what?  Thank you Gayle for such a big kindness!!


Gayle from MI said...

You are very welcome. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing for Gayle to do for someone who plays so nice with others!

Robbie said...

How sweet! Love the back of the pig!!