Monday, August 27, 2012

A Chuckle

G was playing golf so I instead of him, my sis Mike read me the paper. In all fairness she just read a couple things as apposed to G who likes me to be fluent in all NFL, AFL, NBA, CIA, FBI. CSI, and all the other stuff. I listen (usually with headphones on; doesn't he see that?) but I am slightly more tolerant with my sis. Anyway, she read me this and I had to share. It is political and then it's not. It is being brought to you with no politics in the offing. I just found it very cute. 

Parade Magazine (Sunday paper insert) had a chat with the Romneys and asked this question to the couple.
"Let's talk for a moment about your faith. How has tithing (the Mormon practice of giving 10 percent of one's income to the church) shaped your view of how we treat each other?"

Ann Romney: I love tithing. When Mitt and I give that check, I actually cry. 

Mitt Romney: So do I, but for a different reason.

I have had a taste for pulled pork so I popped a couple pork tenderloins into the oven to heat before I pulled them apart.  While taking them out of the oven I remembered using the paddle attachment on the kitchenaid mixer to pull chicken after I read about it on Pinterest.  So I figured the pork would work just as well
I cut it into big chunks and gave it a test run.  It worked great overall.
There were a few clumps where some of the meat stayed together but it was fast work to just do that small job by hand.  I don't know how well it would do if you use the cut of pork that is normally used for pulled pork because of it's fat content.  Try it!  You'll like it.  That reminds me, I haven't been on Pinterest in forever.  I gotta make some time for that.


Miracles said...

Mmm...pork is my favorite protein.
I give and then..... give some more because I'm grateful.

Miracles said...

Your blog post reminds me of pulled pork on plantains

deb kane said...

So good to know that your sis is there to let you know what's going on Tommy!