Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Apple A Day

I am embarrassed by my nightmare of computer snafnus; I spent from 9 a.m. to two p.m. in the car to get the new mac up and working properly. I was detained for 20 minutes after my scheduled reservation time (that has never happened before) only to spend less than five minutes with a tech who told me my problem was my online backup system. I was so relieved, I left the store which is an hour and a half away. Long story short, I eventually got home, uninstalled the errant program (which has been paid up for until the end of 2013!!!) only to find out that the same problem existed (hair pulling out time).

So, calmly I tried to look at pictures of my grand daughter, which usually helps get my blood
pressure to calm down (like this one of her power walking with grandpa) and made the reservation for a call back from Apple (this is not a normal thing they do; you have to pay for it).  The guy called me  just before the time we go to work out  (twenty minutes late) and in a very few minutes he solved the problem.  I followed his instructions and it all seemed fine; that is, until I hang up.  Bottom line?  I have another appointment at the Apple store today.  I am not leaving there until I know for a fact that the computer works perfectly.  G may not get dinner tonight, at least, one that is prepared by me.  Ha ha, I am so funny.

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Miracles said...

That little Violet is such the athlete!
I love her hair.