Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School

I took a pass on the discharge portion of the dye class. I can't even stand one of those simple face masks that I use to mix the dye powder. In discharge you have to wear a respirator and I have never even tried one because I know I would just want to rip it off my face. Plus, now sporting a ponytail, I am concerned with hair issues. Ya gotta respect the do.
There were those that went to the expense of the respirator and after the discussion on the possible harmful effects of the various discharge chemicals, the interest certainly waned.  A couple of the gals did lots of discharge with beautiful results.

We also played around with dye painting with thickened dyes.  These could be painted on, stenciled on, silkscreened on, stamped on and all sorts of methods.
Because I went to the trouble of putting three coats of water based poly on my silk screen frames, I thought I would at least give it a try.  This is just newspaper rings placed down on the fabric to begin with, and then placing the screen on top and dragging over the thickened dye color with an old credit card (or the hundreds of room key cards I have accumulated over the years).  You can put color on top of color or more than one color on a screen.  After the first time you use the screen, the paper will stay on the screens underside so you can just place it down and do it again.  I am definitely gonna play around with this technique.  The little rings are just the center of a roll of tape after it is out of tape.  I just dipped it in the thickened dye and used it like a stamp.
This was also done with a screen but I used painters tape and did a design on the screen.  The white parts on the black background is the tape that I tore and placed down.  I got the idea from a commercial I saw the night before, hawking the praises of painters tape.  Also, this is something I would like to play around with.

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Miracles said...

I like the painter's tape piece. I can see that as a jacket