Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eating A Little Crow

Things are moving fast and furious at the Crow Barn. We are learning tons of stuff; some I have had before and gladly accept a refresher course, but most is new and exciting.  I am surrounded with old friends in class; one of the main reasons I signed up.  Not only do I have my friends Pam and Carol T. right at my table, but Carol Soderlund is teaching and our wonderful chef Margaret Wolf, who I have had the pleasure of eating her food for ten years of classes, is in the class.  Even Nancy Crow, my mentor, is taking the class.  We are having lots of fun.
Sitting out on the beautiful second story deck that leads from the kitchen, I spied our laundry of just a itty bitty section of the days gradations.  We are doing whatever size we want to do.  The cotton dries on a 90ยบ day like today in about five minutes.  I think this picture would make a great quilt.
When you go out of any of the four double french doors leading outside from the two dye studios, you see all sorts of containers holding all sorts of fabric that is batching for hours before we do the washout. These can be colorful in themselves.  There are lots of gladware, ziplocks and other plastic containers being used here.
I was the first one down from lunch (actually to take the picture and take the fabric off the line) and with the lights off, and no one in the wet studio (this is just a slim part of the massive place), I reminded me a little of a mad scientist's lab.

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