Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It has almost been a day since my last contact (in person or on the phone) with any employee of Apple and it feels good. Not to say that they are anything but the nicest group of young folk I have ever met, but come on; give an old lady a break.  I got the same kid that I got the day before and he was so sweet (even tho' I had to look at those big black circular spacers in his ear lobes; yuck!), and finally after he fiddled and fiddled, the CPU's for Safari weren't over 90 and were around 2 to 6 like they should be.   I know it sounds like I know what I am talking about but I am just quoting.

My son just started rehearsing for Sweet Bird of Youth and he has the flu.  Great timing.  I am just
hoping that he gives it to Diane Lane rather than my sweet Maria or Violet!!!  The play is at the Goodman and runs from mid September to the end of October.  It was already hard to get tickets!  We opted to see it on  a Sunday night with the family.

G just told me (he likes to read the paper to me) that he was reading something he never knew:  Weather reports were banned during WWII, so that they were not giving the enemy any heads up as to our favorable weather conditions and using it against us.  Interesting.

Check out last nights sunset, as viewed from my back yard deck to the skyline of the great city of Chicago.  This picture doesn't even begin to show you how spectacular it was.  I have to say that it may be the best sunset (artistic wise) I have ever seen.  Try and top this one, will you?


Irene said...

There's a quilt in that sunset Tommy!

spikemuffin said...

Send me the skyline pic e-mail.