Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's Get Together!

I had the house full of women yet I had to take a break and change the lens of the camera and take another beautiful sunset picture.
I am so glad I live here.  
I had a dozen girlfriends over for a taco bar dinner, using my infomercial taco shell bowls that I just had to have.  I believe I should get a commission because all the girls want their own set of the four tortilla  forms.  We had dinner and libations and then it was time to get down to the reason for the get together; CRAFTING!
My sis made the makings for ten enclosure cards for each  gal.

These are the cards we made.  Some had dodads to glue down and each card got an envelope.
A little wine and blueberry peach and nectarine crumble with vanilla ice cream and the day ended complete.  I love girlfriends!


maggie z. said...

boo~hoo, i miss all the fun!

Miracles said...

Me too, Maggie!