Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Monday Rantings

We had an impromptu 6 hole game and dinner last night. It was great fun and I got to see tons of friends. My golf game still sucks. I figured out that I hadn't played since I broke my foot back in 2010. I was talking to the golf pro and asked if they had a size small left handed golf glove and he said, no, he had a couple ordered last year for me but I never came in so he sold them to someone else. Thankfully the club is not dependent on shlubs like me to keep running!!!

I had a busy day teaching Regina how to crochet. She is a very quick study. She picked it up right away and is now perfecting her own form of scouring pad. Guess what you are getting for Christmas!!!!

Speaking of that, the Christmas pillows are completed and even in their boxes waiting for wrapping paper!!! I am happy to have that done.

I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday. It doesn't matter how many times I stir the dough, the last half dozen or so of cookies seem to have less chips in them that the others. I decided to rectify that by taking the last batch of cookies out of the oven a couple minutes early, and plopping in some extra chips and then returning them to the oven for the final cook.
You can definitely tell which ones I tampered with because the chips stand out much more that the unaltered ones.  I have no problem with that; I think I solved the problem quite well, thank you!

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