Thursday, August 09, 2012

My New Baby!

I am continually amazed at the speed of my new computer. I am so used to clicking something and walking away to fold clothes or iron something while the little color wheel goes around and around. I haven't seen the wheel since I brought my new baby home. Of course, the docking station I used is not the same one that this laptop uses so I have to switch those but I figure with all the moola I will make by having a very rare black mac (what a trend setter I am) that will make a killing (on eBay or some other selling place )so 
I can afford it.  This is the picture I sent the guy from BookEndz to show him that no, the bells and whistles do not line up to use my old dock with my new laptop and what kind of dock do I now need?  He said that that was an ancient (his words) computer and I was feeling like I did something wrong and said that it was from 2008 and that's only 4 years.  He chuckled and let the subject go.

My bro Bill and sis's Claudia and Mike are coming today for a long weekend.  I thought to skip making dinner and take them out to dinner in  Michigan (a mile or two away) so that, at least for Bill and Claudia, coming from St. Louis which is in Missouri, they could have the claim to fame of traveling through four states in a matter of a few hours.  Do you think I have to much free time and think too much?


Miracles said...

I love Apple techies.

Cody Pruneda said...

Wow. That’s a good difference indeed! In that way, some of the time spent waiting would not be wasted. The computer’s speed also, has something to do with the momentum of a user’s activity. Less stress would be avoided with shorter computer’s responses.

Cody Pruneda

Benita Bolland said...

That’s better, Tommy. The speed of your computer has something to do with your saved files, too. Try not to save unnecessary files in your hard disk. Also, try to perform “Disk Cleanup” with your Windows PC. Scan for viruses and spywares because these nasty programs will slow down your computer, too.

Lance Vartanian said...

Haha! What you said describing the speed of your previous computer cracked me up because, somehow, I could relate. Well, that was before I had my new computer. :D Another thing I love with new computers is the clean hard disk. Meaning to say, I have all the space in the world to store my files. :D By the way, did the Bookendz guy send you the dock appropriate for your new baby? Though the size may fit, going for the dock designed for your laptop brand is still the best.