Monday, August 06, 2012

Now I Am a MacBook Pro!

I can't believe the difference in my new computer and my old one. It's amazing! I keep opening up stuff and walking away because that is how I got anything done; as the old one was so slow. It got to the point that my printer went from printing one page at a time and then I had to unplug it and start over, to not working at all. I bought a new printer but decided to be a grownup and I left it in the garage unopened until I could go back to Apple Store and get my
NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!  This has 8 g versus the 2 I had before and it's not just that; it's how much  stuff I had on my other computer.  Just in my iPhoto application I have almost 16,000 pictures.  I am going to move a lot of those onto flash drives.  Enough is enough.  

I originally made an appointment at the Apple Store to see what I could do to free up something on the computer to make it more efficient.  Since I updated all the big stuff in it, it didn't have the hootspa to handle everything.  But G,  pretty much just went into the store with me and said I needed a new, more efficient computer.  I had to leave my old one there for them to transfer all my data from old to new.  It was pretty pathetic with no computer.  Thankfully we had a lot of stuff socially to do so the pain was lessened a bit.

We also found out that my old black MacBook is a collectors item.  Apparently, the black laptop was very short-lived and there are a very few still around.  The Apple guy said to put it on Craigs list or EBay and we can make a pretty penny. We are going to investigate this.
I had to share this picture of the 'gumball' machines lined up in the hall  on the way to the Apple Store.  It's like it's art.
I know this is blurry but this is the Chicago skyline from my back deck.  I used a zoom lens my sister Mike gave me that she no longer uses.  It was at sunset and I almost didn't get the picture because the lens was in a case with lens caps on both ends and I was in a hurry and you know, I'm a knucklehead
But anyway, that's over sixty miles away!!!!

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Miracles said...

You are an up-to-date techie now! GO, Tommy, GO