Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am in the process of doing new work and am auditioning fabric colors to use.   I am all over the place and ENJOYING THE PROCESS.  I don't know where that little blurb started but I have learned to use it as my mantra.  I think maybe my friend Peggy started it in reference to our mutual friend JeanAnn, who is very methodical in her quilt work.
I seem to recall saying it to a couple of my friends this past week when they found a particular challenge given to them to be daunting;  Enjoy the process.  It seems to slow me down and see the forest and the trees!  It works!

The great city of Chicago is talking about making the thousands of bikers (bicycler's) get vehicle stickers and pay tolls and parking fees.  It makes me nuts to even think of that.  What about the big wheels, and tricycles?  Do they need money that much?

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