Sunday, August 19, 2012

Table Talk

If you had any idea how long it took me to post these pictures and get Safari to let me enter, you would think I was nuts. Thankfully I have a reservation at the Apple Store tomorrow and hopefully I will get my glitch figured out. 

 I arrived home from the week of Dyeing class and am happy to be in my own place. A week is a long time. They say that dogs don't grasp the concept of the time we leave them (a week vs a day)but I don't agree. She was REALLY happy to see me. G too, for that matter only he declined from doing the happy dance that Bella did.
Here are my friends that I came to be in class with including a new young friend, Michelle in the yellow shirt.  Carol is first, followed by Pam and me and Michelle.  We had a great group and were well suited to each other.
We each had a wall where we anchored some of our dye work.  This is Pam's.  She and I weren't as good at pinning stuff on the wall as Carol and Michelle were.

This is Michelle's wall
and this is Carol's very neat wall.
Mine doesn't shine but I neglected to put lots of stuff up.  We had lots of projects that we did as a group which was the norm in a Carol Soderlund class.  I'll show you more things tomorrow.

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