Friday, August 24, 2012


I was interrupted by G while catching up with Project Runway in the studio with his exclamation of the most beautiful sunset.
I already saw the most beautiful sunset this week so was uninspired but to make the old guy happy I went to get my zoom lens and got on the deck and WOW, it was spectacular.  Notice the placement of the tallest skyscrapers in Chicago to the sun's left.  It looks so much more stretched out than it did earlier this week.  Wow.
I try to always make my sis southern buttermilk biscuits when she comes for a visit and then she can take them home but I found a new recipe that was very different from the one I use (Alton Brown's) called powder milk biscuits (Prairie Home Companion) that I found in the last Food Network Magazine I had.  Mike gave them the taste test and said that they were more like the type that should be used for strawberry shortcake.  It has half cake flour and eggs, which the other recipe doesn't have.  These didn't rise as high as the other ones but are sweeter and more refined.  Good to know.
I am pretty popular this summer with such a bumper crop of beautiful tomatoes, including these heirloom uglies.  There is more waste on these as you can picture by their shape.  They taste mighty fine tho'.  G is mastering the farmer greenjeans thing.   Come on over and get yourself a bag.

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spikemuffin said...

You're killing me with those sunset pictures. It's been a strange weather year all over and this must be one of the by-products. Beautiful!