Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Closing Of An Icon

I gave quilting my new tryptic a breather and
made a couple more of the wedding invite ornaments for two upcoming weddings this month.   One of the invites had such thick card stock that I had to make a color copy and use that.  It worked out perfectly fine.  My new addition to these glass balls are some small beads to match the invite color scheme.
After reading an article in the Chicago Tribune (I know, I don't read the paper, but G reads me stuff that I may be interested in and this article was way to long) about the final closing of Charlie Trotter's famous restaurant this Friday, I decided to spend the day in the kitchen.  I went crazy making swedish meatballs with egg noodles and gravy.  I kept eating the components, they are so good.  I got the recipe out of Food Network Magazine and it was their copy of Ikea's recipe.  Yum.


Synthia said...

Are you going to post a copy of the meatball recipe?? Sounds delish.

maggie z. said...

hahaha! at first glance..i thought they were chocolates rolled in coconut..hint! i think i recognize one of those invites!