Friday, August 10, 2012

Three Crafty Sisters

We had dueling Cricuts out last night before we went to dinner in Michigan.
Here are three of them on my rolling cart working on Christmas cards.
Mike came with a  very unique holder for her Cricut Cartridges.  
Each 'page' holds three cartridges with its directions and the individual silicone button covers that makes the cutter individual for each theme of the cartridge.  We are having lots of fun.  Claudia chose a 'ho, ho, ho'  theme for her cards and after they were cut out and she had a 'ho' in her hand she said, in all seriousness, 'I think I might use more than one 'ho'.  Enough said.


Miracles said...

OMGoodness......that looks like SO much fun!

Karen said...

I love my Cricut. I belong to an online swap group that trades all sorts of things that you make with your Cricut. FUN FUN