Friday, August 03, 2012

Tommy Thumb

It preparation for the daughter and her husband and a visiting couple, we set up the beach ahead of time.
There is something about looking out the window to a solitary beach scene.
It would make a good quilt.
I asked one of the group quilt participants to make me a label that is required on the back of the black mounting fabric.  Robbie is much better at this stuff than me.  I received three different choices; so Robbie like, being so efficient.  The quilt will be in the mail next week!!! 
Speaking of quilts, I was just informed that instead of the International Quilt Festival being in Long Beach, CA, Houston, and Cincinnati, they are now coming back to Chicago as of next year and it will be in a much better month for me; June.  Yeah!
The basil is harvested and so I went out and took advantage of the late summer sidewalk sale and got hanging flower baskets at a buy one, get one free sale.  
I actually was out in the murderous heat planting these.  It was a bit labor intensive because lots of soil had to come out of the pots to accommodate the root ball size and then I had to put it back in around the edges.  Each pot has a sweet potato vine in it too.  Check out the little white deck police.  I will need to do a lot of watering so that these petunias don't do a quick croak.

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Miracles said...

Beautiful petunias!