Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I am not blessed with the gift of good weather. I just saw the calendar which included next Saturday and it is going from a very cool 85º today to 70º on Saturday.  I just happen to have 25 people coming and half staying over for a family get together on Saturday.  It has been 90º and above for the entire summer.  What's with this?  Our electric bill in hovering so high G has suggested a part time job at
JoAnn fabrics, figuring that I am there anyway and why not get the discount?  So it's going to be unseasonably cool when it's the only day I want hot?  I can't win.

I didn't realize that my new laptop would constantly show me new stuff.  It's kinda like strutting because I walk by it on my way to the can and all of a sudden

it's glowing in the dark.  All the keys are backlit so you can type in the dark.  Okay, I take it back;  I am blessed.  Just not with appropriate weather.


Irene said...

We haven't had rain all summer, yet 15 minutes before the birthday BBQ for my daughter's birthday, it poured. I'm having 10 people over on Saturday for a pool party and the temperature here is going to be cool too. We can't win!

sophie said...

The good news is that even with all that awesome technology to support them, the weather forecasters still sometimes get it wrong. Rain or shine, I am sure your guests will have a great time.

Anonymous said...

You ARE blessed...but you bless others many times you can-and do- win!

Miracles said...

I agree with need a job @ Joann's. They can use someone with all your energy