Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Wholly Canolli

My girlfriend Barb and I had a play date scheduled yesterday and she was right on time

bearing Violet gifts which were pretty damn cute.  She just happens to have a Violet of her own who just started crawling.  I think I shall save them for a year of so in the freezer for our Violet to enjoy herself!

It was cannoli making day.  The filling will be done at a later time; we just wanted to get the process down.  I prepared the dough in several small units the day before so that it was well rested and cold and with the help of a little flour,
 the dough worked out like a dream in the electric pasta maker.
Here is Barb, diligently cutting out the four inch rounds we used for our cannoli forms.
They started out being difficult to get off the forms after we fried them but we changed some of our techniques, like trying not to get any egg white (the closing glue) on the form, and that seemed to do the trick.
We made more cannoli than we know what to do with.  Barb took some and I gave some 
away  but I still have tons.  I looked it up on line and you can freeze them if you thaw them completely before filling.  I am a little skeptical on that but I am gonna try.  They may need to be heated up a bit to get their crunch back.  The internet also said that they can last a month or more in an air tight container.  Time will tell


spikemuffin said...

Let's test that out. Send some!

Miracles said...

I was thinking....look up Mario 'B' something or other for the filling recipe. have a gizillion shells!

Miracles said...

Thank you for my metal Canolli forms. Were they easier than the wooden ones?

Miracles said...

I like those Violet fresheners. I think there's another one called Violet Sen-Sen