Friday, August 31, 2012

You Have Something Between Your Teeth

The complete cast of my son Peter's play is up on line. And here is another link to it.  It's pretty funny because they asked him if he could stick out his belly throughout an act and I am sure he just laughed because that is one of his favorite things to do.  He could make himself have a big gut when he was a swimmer in high school and didn't have an ounce of fat on him.  In fact, he could match Maria, belly for belly while she was pregnant.  They measured him for a suit for the play and then made it two sizes too small so he would have the look for his character.  I can't wait to see the play.

When I went to culinary school, I had an instructor (chef) that had done a stint at Charlie Trotters (today is the last day his infamous restaurant is open) and after three days of articles about the man (the series is called Inside Trotter's Kitchen) I feel that everything that my instructor told me is spot on.  That's not to say that he isn't amazing and many many brilliant chefs came out of his kitchen(Achatz, Gand, Cantu, Tentori, Segal, Tramonto, Taus) but I know for a fact that I wouldn't last a day in his kitchen and for that matter I would be crying after the first five minutes.  That may have something to do with the fact that he is on his third wife and he is only 53!!!

Let's talk chicken wings.  I am not into buffalo wings (unless aprés skiing, and that is no longer happening!) but I do have a recipe I stole from a old friend and thought that while I was making them, I would share their simplicity with you.
Buy yourself some chicken wings and cut off the wing end and then with a nice sharp knife, sever the wing in half, and you will end up with the drumette and whatever that other half is called.  To save major cleanup I line my sheet pan with foil and place the chicken on the sheet and sprinkle
this stuff on it (or something similar; it's not chemistry) and top with a little tab of butter and bake in a 375º oven until crispy.
The recipe has no name other than Chicken Wings.  There is one downside to these (other than you eat half of them yourself right out of the oven).  They are like a spinach salad; there will be stuff appearing on your teeth.  I don't know why but everytime I eat them I go to wash my hands in the bathroom and look in the mirror and can't believe all the crap between my teeth.  Oh well, tough it out.  Everyone around you eating them will have the same problem!!


Maggie said...

Best wings EVER.

Mike said...

I love those wings.