Monday, September 24, 2012

Bargain Shopping

Yes, our CVS sells all sorts of liquor, food, and beach stuff along with the regular pharmacy stuff. And no spike muffin, we were there in the morning so no prior day drinking was involved. This is a late post because I was gone all day doing some girl stuff with Regina before she heads back to Florida. I have some fun pictures but they are in the camera, in the car and I am just a little lazy. When I went to the farmers market on Saturday I purchased 16 colossal very firm and nice green peppers and I only paid $5 for the whole bag.
Because I will not have time this week for making the thirty two stuffed peppers, (we are leaving for the east coast on Wednesday) I decided to clean, gut and split them in half and freeze them. I am not using them for anything that needs to be crisp so they will be just fine. I like to buy my various colored peppers when they are at the peak of season because they are so cheap then. I love a bargain!!!

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Miracles said...

Mmm....roasted peppers with eggs or sausage