Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Button Button, Who's Got The Button

At 20 months old today, I decided that it was high time that my little Violet got something she would really, really like from her grandma.

I made her a bucket purse
decorated with buttons.  She loves  buttons (I think it was the first word she said, not being typical with a mama or dada) and I figure if I double and triple knot the buttons and also back the front buttons
with back buttons (like they do on some coats), that she would be pretty safe.  I guess her parents will be the actual tester outers but I am quite confident she won't remove any of the buttons.

This shows you how much she likes buttons; this is my studio mascot Sewphie's 'boots'.  She used to have six buttons on her boots and now she has two with the telltale thread remaining, proving that they were indeed removed forcibly.  I wonder who could have done that?

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