Sunday, September 02, 2012

First Day of September

When you have seven foodies in the house, the kitchen table becomes the command central and the grocery store is the demilitarized zone. Let's start out at the beginning of an extremely excellent dinner.  Watermelon daiquiri's
proved to be very refreshing.  And the little umbrella and rosemary were a nice touch.

The butter lettuce salad boasted pears, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and croutons, topped with a pomegranate viniagrette.

Mandoline cut russets were stacked in a greased cupcake tin and with a little s & p and cream, made a delightful starch.

Both the shrimp and the steaks were marinated and then professionally
worthy Evan did the grilling honors.  I think pork ribs are on the horizon for today's big gastronomical feast.  


Anonymous said...

Toss me a couple of those shrimps!

Miracles said... all looks wonderful