Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frantic Mother

These are last weeks flowers.  They were particularly lovely so I thought I would share.  

I did something very stupid yesterday.
I was busy quilting my daughters lap quilts and had bowling and so didn't pay much attention to Bella.  When I finally took a potty break, I looked at her and saw that she was chewing on her foot again.  And then
I took a second look and saw that two of her nails on that foot were pointing up.  I went into a panic and called the vet.  It was almost six p.m. Michigan time which is where the office is but they were kind and I have been going there for well over twenty years so I could come in if I left that minute.
I got there in seven minutes and was swept into the office pronto (Dr. Harry needed to get home to his dinner!)  All of a sudden the nails were not so bad; not touching the ground but not pointing up.
I wasn't there thirty seconds when the doc told me that there was nothing wrong and that the only reason I could see the nails that way was because she was chewing on her foot and therefore the hair was patted down, showing the nail when she rocks on the pads of her feet.  He said that all dogs do that.  I felt like an idiot and offered to wash his car but he took a pass.  He was hungry.


Anonymous said...

Those flowers WERE gorgeous!

Robbie said...

better be safe than sorry with our pets, right! I just spent $265 this a.m. on Kalee!! Worry, worry...she's ok but I was in a panic..just like you! Gotta love our babies! And who knew about the nails...hmmmmmmm