Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day

First off, Happy Labor Day.

At the start of the long holiday weekend, Bella was at her regular post,
prominently in front of the glass front door so she would have a first view of any company that comes.  Always a lady, she still always crosses her legs when in a chair.  Yeah, the hair is a little long; she gets groomed this week.    After a few days of the kids, the dog cousins,
she tends to vanquish her post and find more out of the loop places to rest her weary head.   She looks exhausted.  It takes a lot of energy to bark at every single person that happens to land a foot on our beach.

Speaking of beach, we pretty much considered the weekend an indoor  activity, with all the tumultuous weather we were supposed to get in Isaac's wake.  Well, that never came.  Yesterday was a perfect beach day; not to hot, not to cool, with enough wind to enjoy.  We got five minutes of sprinkles on Saturday and that was it.  

Today is another beautiful day.  It is my G's birthday.  He has finally caught up to me.  I like being older; it gives me carte blanche to order him around.

Check out this darling baby quilt
my sister made for her friends first baby that will be born next month.  It's a darling jungle theme with some pieced alternating blocks.
The back fabric is an all over animal print and she even 
chose an animal overall quilting pattern.  This is the lion, but there are also an elephant, a rhino and I can't remember what else.  It's damn cute tho'.


Miracles said...

Happy B'day to your hubby.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Mr. G.

from: Tom and Linda xxx

Gayle from MI said...

So glad you had some great weather for this holiday weekend.