Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Please Welcome

I have lost count on how many weddings we have this year. It's either 8 or 9; I can't remember.  The wedding this past weekend is just enough different that I will remember it for some time to come (what with dementia and all).  It took place on the groom's (first cousin once removed) grandparents farm that has been used by the whole family since the grandees moved to a smaller place.  They have all these
out buildings that look like they are about to fall down but manage to stay upright.
Ryan and Alecia exchanged vows right in front of one of these buildings.
Row markers with beautiful flowers look like they just came out of Pinterest.
My cousin Dirty Dot got all the short champagne glasses at a garage sale for 10 cents a piece.  By the way, wasn't there a cent sign on the typing keys in the past?  I seem to recall that there was.  Anyway,
I got a good shot of the loving couple during the toast.

They traveled in style around the farm.  Hey! Alecia!!!  Don't run over the dress!!
The cake table?  Didn't really understand the very understated cakes.  Why bother then?  they didn't ask my opinion tho'.
This is another Pinterest idea; it's gotta be.
I thought this was pretty darn cute.  The fixin's for smokes lay in wait for the sunset and the campfire.  
Last but not least:  the bride in the background, with someones suit coat on (not her husbands) and the groom, up front on the phone texting with a beer at his own reception.  The way of the world.

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