Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have been quilting away. I am now working on attaching the binding to these two
quilts I have made for Maggie and Evan. They should receive them in plenty of time for the cold cuddling weather.
The bonus quilt is on the Gammill.  I made it a bit larger than the other two and added 4 inch borders.  I used the leftover 8 strips and alternated my new eight strips because some of the fabric was different and I wanted less red in this one because the red was a decorator touch and may not be something that the recipient of this quilt would like.  I only use the Gammill for work that I give away; either out of the kindness of my heart (yeah, I said it) or as a gift.  All my art quilts are done on a regular domestic, push under the needle type of sewing.  I do not have the patience to learn how to be a longarm artist.  Life is way too short.

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Anonymous said...

I think EVERYTHINg you out of the KINDNESS of your heart.