Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Road Trip

Fall is definitely in the air when it's time for Regina to head south so her husband can go back to work, knowing the little woman is home waiting for him. Yeah. Right.

Genie and I hopped into the car and headed to the lake side town of St. Joesph, MI.  It's a cute little place with lots of shops and they have a decorative theme
every year that is fun to look at.  This year it appears to be a pirate theme.  There were tons of pirates with various costumes and this one with Regina  must have some sort of plan in mind but for the life of me I can't figure it out.
My guy was definitely done up in the Paul Bunyan buckaroo style.  I go for a guy with a snow shovel. His face kinda looks like Richard Chamberlain when he was in Shogun.  I happen to know that it is currently running on some cable channel.  I always loved that mini series and all Chavel's books.  But I digress.  

Back to shoppin'.  This is the side of a home furnishing store.  Is this not adorable?
I feel the need to do this somewhere; but where? Suggestions?  I guess I could open a store, but that's a lot of work I am not willing to do.  Oh, well.
Upon entering the store this floor runner caught my eye.  I love every thing about it.  
Although I don't think I would ever buy this chair (frankly I wouldn't buy anything in the store; it was ridiculously expensive) but it sure caught my eye.  I have always wanted to do a quilt that looked like candy.  Maybe this will be my inspiration.

We found ourself in a crazy, crazy variety store that was massive.  We had just finished lunch (tomato bisque soup with a three cheese panni and a side of fries) and some of our conversation while eating was our first job and the uniforms we wore and the fact that Genie had to wear a hairnet at her job (I would have found another job).  So, to our amazement we 
happened to be in the aisle with all the beauty products and more hairnets than I ever knew existed!!!
I mean, there were lots.  And you just know that the 3 pack of shower caps was just my cup a tea.
We finished our day with side by side pedicures.  Genie went with a nice fall color while I opted for a neutral, not necessarily wanting the eye to go to the stubby, lilly white feet with psoriasis.  We even walked to the car (about three blocks) in our new colorful sandals.  I don't know about Regina, but I am definitely keeping mine.

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Miracles said...

My mom still wears a hairnet when she cooks!