Friday, September 07, 2012

Sweet Six

I forgot to tell you that as of yesterday, Bella is six years old.  We took cookies to the groomer to celebrate.

Well, my groomers are officially the best group of gals I can imagine. Bella went in yesterday morning with at least sixty matts on her hind legs, as well as missing hair altogether, and the groomer said that she can take care of it and would not need shave her.
She was true to her word.  Bella came back with all the hair she left with and a much sunnier attitude.  She always knows when she looks the 'bomb', and there just seems to be an inner glow every time she get's a compliment.  

I contacted the vet about this chewing of hair and they said that all the dogs are doing it much more than normal and to give  her a half a benedryl, twice a day .  I started it right away yesterday and I discovered something very interesting.  I normally mix any medication that Bella won't take as is, with peanut butter, after I have halved it and smashed it.  I started to do just that and was going for the peanut butter when I spied a rotisserie chicken on the counter.  I purchased it for G's dinner because it was girls night out.  I took a chance and took a tiny piece of chicken (white meat of course, with no skin) and stuck the medication in the center.  I approached Bella with my disguised pill and voila!  She inhaled it.  It was the easiest pill  I ever got down her.   Thankfully I kindly asked G not to eat the whole chicken (and yes, he can finish them off!)  and save a little for the next couple days of pill popping.  Bella is going on a sleepover while we travel to parts north (Wisconsin) for a wedding and having a quick and easy way to medicate her is all good.  I will not be blogging this weekend; it's too difficult on the road.  I will be thinking of you regardless.  Yeah, right.
Allergies or not, she is still guarding the beach from, well,  ANYONE!!!!!!!!


dee said...

Have fun on your trip north. I'm especially simpathizing with Bella-I developed an allergy to something that's being done to the new construction. Hopefully it's only the old insulation being ripped out. In my Benadryl haze I will think of youzzzzzzzz. Tell Bella I'm hiding my Benadryl in a sushi roll.

Robbie said...

Kalee started with this scratching business in Fl. and it continues today!!! She is on meds as well but I just smear her pill with peanut butter...I don't even crush it. She woofs her meds down...maybe she's just a junkie dog and only wants the 'fix'! For as long as she's been on the drugs she just might be hooked!