Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Thai That Binds

I was in a waiting room before I had an MRI this week and was pleasantly surprised to find a couple magazines that weren't Highlights, Forbes, or Field and Stream.  Unfortunately when I do find something that is actually reader friendly I tend to be the person that silently tears out an article, all the while making coughing noises and sniffling to camo the noise the ripping makes.  I fancied a recipe in Cooking Light and even tore out the page in the front that gave the actual shopping list.  How could it be easier?

How old am I?  62? And I was making a recipe with thirty components and couldn't figure out why my recipe didn't look like the picture in the magazine?  Dah!  A food stylist spent the better part of a day doing her thing to make this the picture that would entice me to want it on my dinner table (or recliner on a tray which is more our style).  There are tons of ingredients but easy and very doable except
the noodles that were called for (Annie Chun's) were like mixes; similar to Ramen with things mixed in so I was confused with all the broth and just winged it.  The recipe is called Thai Chicken Soup and called for spicy wontons.  I had frozen wontons in the freezer so after I took my chicken breast out of the oven I put a stack of frozen wonton wrappers in the hot oven and they thawed quickly from both sides, giving me plenty to work with very fast.  When I served G his first bowl I put the wontons in the bowl but we both quickly realized that they were much better for kind of dipping.
These wontons are the bomb.  The calorie count is less than 300 calories for a serving of these with the soup but as is per usual, a recipe for 4 usually barely satisfies us.  Anyway, still.  Yum.

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