Friday, September 21, 2012

The Verdict

I actually was a little embarrassed when G came home and told me that the Vaughn guy was found guilty after a six week trial deliberated for 45 minutes before they found the father of three convicted of execution style murder of his wife and three kids. I didn't know anything about it and read the recap this morning. There are a lot of wacko's out there. Maybe that's why I don't watch the news or read the paper!

Speaking of the paper, G passed on a very interesting tidbit to me from the weekend rag. This is quoting one of ten things you might not know about juries. I am sure the information came on the tail of the Drew Peterson guilty verdict and the upcoming Vaughn verdict.

3. Sometimes a jury summons is an invitation to party. In a 1981 mail fraud and conspiracy trial, jurors regularly drank beer and downed carafes of wine at lunch. Two others took cocaine. During the trial, some slept. When lawyers complained the judge responded, "If the jurors are sleeping, that's your problem." The Supreme Court upheld the conviction. In Tanner v. United States, the justices ruled 5-4 that the drugs and alcohol were not an improper "outside influence"and didn't constitute jury misconduct.
I wonder; if I got called into a trial today, would they let me bring these quilts and bind them while I am drinking, doing drugs and sleeping? Maybe I would just bring my knitting.


Anonymous said...

Sharp knitting needles shouldn't pose a problem: nyah!


Margie said...

I love it when my friends talk about a verdict and I don't have a clue. I avoid TV news like the plague. I can tell by the headlines what not to read in the paper.

Pammyfay said...

I just got a jury summons this week -- and it actually says that knitting needles are not allowed among the things you can have while you're waiting to be called or put into a courtroom. Along with pocketknives, phones with cameras, several other things ...

(Wouldn't it be easier to maim a fellow juror who's a holdout just by using your bare hands rather than poking him 100 times with a knitting needle?!)